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Re: Set difference between sets of files

On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 09:27 -0400, Chris Johnson wrote:
> Itai Fiat sent me the following 0.9K:
> > I would like to compute the set difference between two sets of files -
> > that is, obtain a list of files found in one set and not in the other.
> I know you said you wanted a zsh solution, but the utility rsync is
> great for this purpose.
Yes... But I did not declare my true purpose, opting instead for a
simplified example which I thought easier to explain. What I was really
after was syncing my music collection (in this particular case,
propagating deletions) between a FLAC directory structure and an MP3
equivalent. I posted a link to the complete script in a reply. I don't
think this is doable with rsync, but I have got feeling my entire script
could be replaced with two or three clever 'find' calls.

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