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Re: zsh themes problem

The value of $ZSH_VERSION is 4.3.6

On May 12,  2:40pm, djrjmr wrote:
} I am using zsh on Slackware 12.2.

What's the value of $ZSH_VERSION ?

} When I try to use a theme in zsh, I  
} always get the following at the top of the terminal when I open it:
} prompt_special_chars:16: command not found: char_333=Û
} prompt_special_chars:16: command not found: char_262=²
} prompt_special_chars:16: command not found: char_261=±
} prompt_special_chars:16: command not found: char_260=°

That looks like an old/outdated version of the prompt_special_chars
function -- from at least a year ago and possibly two years ago.
Check your $fpath to be sure you're getting the function that
matches your installed version of the shell.

However, in looking into this, I'm led to wonder about the *current*
version of prompt_special_chars which seems to be assigning char[$code]
where I suspect it should be assigning to schars[$code].

Can someone take a look?  PWS, you seem to have been responsible for
the last ChangeLog entry on prompt_special_chars (25059 -- by the way,
the CVS log says 25095, so one of those is a typo).

Also BTW, the test for UTF-8 in $LANG should probably also test for
"utf8" per recent tweaks we had to make elsewhere, no?

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