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Re: prompt and ssh

On Thu, 21 May 2009, Vincent Lefevre wrote:

you can test for SSH_CONNECTION, SSH_CLIENT, or SSH_TTY on the far side. i would recommend SSH_CONNECTION.

But this will not work well if you use "screen". For instance:
1. Connect to host remote_host by ssh.
2. Start a screen session. SSH_CONNECTION is inherited and the prompt
  will say that you are connected by ssh (this is what you want).
3. Later, log on the machine directly (without ssh) and recall the
  screen session. SSH_CONNECTION is still set (as the environment
  doesn't change in the recalled shell) and the prompt will still
  say that you are connected by ssh, while you are not.

that's a limitation of screen. whatever environment is available when a session starts will always be with that session.

you ~could~ manually un/set SSH_* and then re-source the zshrc...?


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