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Re: Zsh and urxvt on cygwin

On May 23, 12:59pm, Anonymous bin Ich wrote:
} But I am having problem with key bindings: backspace doesn't work,
} left and right keys don't work etc. I tried running zkbd, but it
} doesn't catch Ctrl+X - the first key combination, without which
} the script doesn't proceed.

This is because of the "read -t doesn't work" problem mentioned in
the message your search turned up.

} http://www.zsh.org/mla/users/2003/msg00325.html
} But it is for normal terminal (cmd.exe) and not urxvt/xterm.

It might be worth trying those bindings anyway ... chances are that
many of them are the same.

} Any idea what to do?

For each key that doesn't behave as you expect, type first ctrl+V and
then the key.  Make a note of what you see, and use that to enter
bindkey commands into your .zshrc.
} Should I ask this question on cygwin mailing list?

Or on a list related to the Cygwin port of urxvt.

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