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Re: automatically issue `exit' or <cntrl-D> on idle -> TMOUT

Thanks for this interesting reference Peter.

The man states "within the  specified  number  of  seconds  after issuing a prompt"

In my case, idle time should not be measured only after a prompt
is issued but also after the prevcious comand.

Also I do not want editing sessions or other applications running
on top of zsh to be closed, just bare  shells with a prompt.

Thanks again.

- Eric Smith

Simon Ruderich said:
> On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 09:28:08AM +0200, Eric Smith wrote:
> > As a screen user, I often have at the end of the day a lot of
> > windows open with just a zsh prompt.
> >
> > Instead of having to manually close these, Is is possible to have
> > zsh automatically issue an `exit' or <cntrl-D> when shell is idle
> > for more than n seconds.
> >
> > - Eric Smith
> Hi,
> man zshall /idle n gives you the answer you are looking for:
> TMOUT. The shell terminates after TMOUT seconds of inactivity.
> Simon
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