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Re: invoking compadd so that completion is for the second argument

Thanks Bart

Bart Schaefer said:
> For example, given a command line such as:
> % roger dodger codger
> Do you mean:
> (1) The completion for "roger" is invoked, but the set of matches for
>     "codger" is not the same as the set of matches for "dodger"; or

Something like this, indeed.

I create commands that allow me to copy or move existing files to
special named files.  The prefix of these special names I want
to look up from a list in a file referenced by compadd.

So the command:
% prefix_cp sour<tab>
will just complete as per the default rules, but

% prefix_cp source_file.pdf <tab>
should give me:
% prefix_cp source_file.pdf aa_code_reference_00034
assuming this was the first match in the list

Oh I just had an idea for the first time now writing this.
If I went:
% prefix_cp source_file.pdf aa_code_reference_00034_<tab>
It would be great to have as the completion the first arg viz.
!#1 or `source_file.pdf'

But this is a bonus.


Thanks a lot.


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