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Re: Multi-core loops

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009, Nadav Har'El wrote about "Multi-core loops":
> The first thread I cited suggested adding a loop new syntax, e.g.
> 	for i in * PARALLEL N ; do job $i ; done

I tried to look around if perhaps other shells implemented a similar feature,
and what syntax they had used.

I found one implementation in a shell called psh, the parallel shell, also
known as (amusingly :-)) "the Pourne Shell". The syntax they used is this:

# Do 4 jobs concurrently
set -j4 
# same as a for loop, but pays attention to the j flag.
pfor i in 3 5 11 21 8 9 13 7

The only trace I can find of this shell on the Internet, however, is this
page in Google's cache:


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