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Re[2]: Append cancelled commands to history

On Fri, 19 Sep 2008 18:20:45 +0200 Simon Ruderich <simon@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

SR> I'm using the following function which works fine for me, not sure though if
SR> it's the best solution:
SR>     TRAPINT() {
SR>         # Store the current buffer in the history.
SR>         zle && print -s $BUFFER
SR>         # Return the default exit code so zsh aborts the current command.
SR>         return $1
SR>     }


 I've been using this tip since the day it was posted here and it worked
great: pressing Ctrl-C is much more convenient/easier to remember than
using a separate key combination for "cancel but save in history" that I
used before, thanks Simon! However today I accidentally found out that
pressing Ctrl-C on a line starting with '-' results in

	TRAPINT:1: bad option: -

error message. The fix for this is, of course, obvious but I thought to
post it here just in case anybody else decides to copy this from the list
archives to their .zshrc, so here is the updated function:

	% which TRAPINT
		zle && print -s -- $BUFFER
		return $1

 Thanks again to Simon for the original tip!

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