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A RSS feed aggregator in zsh/curses (almost)

Hi all,

just a mail to present feedz, it is a feed aggregator (RSS and ATOM)
in zsh using zsh/curses for it's UI.

The XML is parsed using xmlstarlet (please export XML_CMD var if the
xmlstarlet binary on your system isn't "xml" - on linux it use to be
The feeds are fetched using FETCH_CMD which by default uses fetch(1)
the feeebsd's downloader, export FETCH_CMD="wget -q -O- -o /dev/null"
should work on linux.
the html from the feeds are dumped to using the HTML_DUMP_CMD which by
default is "elinks -dump" not sur it will work with something else but
you could try and report bugs :)

nothing else is required

the configuration file is the following : ~/.feedz/feed.conf and the
syntaxe is :

for following commands works in the curses interface :
q: quit the interface
u: update (refetch the feedz)
entrer: on the title window will open the content of the feed in the
content window
arrows: on both title window and content window will allow you to
navigate left,right,bottom,top to see the contents
hjkl: will navigate as if you uses the arrows
t: will focus on the title window if you are on the content window
c: will focus back on the content window
o: will open the feed your are viewing (ie open in the content window)
in a web browser (you can define your favorite one with the BROWSER
variable, or let it try to find one of thoses :
(*firefox*|konqueror*|arora|midori|*elinks*|*lynx*|*links*|*w3m*) )

it has been written only to test what can be done with zsh/curses I
know some people in the mailing list were interesting in that kind of
zsh/curses examples.
The code is not yet consistent (written fast and ugly :)) some time
for bla (bla) {} sometime for bla (bla);do done etc.

I will cleanup it a bit when I'll have time.

you can find feedz here : http://github.com/bapt/stuffz/tree/master

for a screenshot : http://www.etoilebsd.net/~bapt/feedz.png

PS: I could be a lot improved easily :


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