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Re: compinit and promptinit fail on virtual terminal

Benjamin R. Haskell wrote:
> [...]
> (I use paludis, not portage).

I also use paludis :)

And as at least one Gentoo user is reading this: I even tried 'paludis
-i zsh --dl-reinstall always', which recursively rebuilds all
dependencies of zsh (i. e. half of my system), but didn't fix the issue.

> I noticed that zsh-completion has a version number of '20080310', which 
> predates the release of both 4.3.9 and 4.3.10 (so your downgrade to 4.3.9 
> might not have avoided some interaction between the two).  Try backing off 
> to 4.3.6 to see if it still occurs [scratch that, try 4.3.4-r1; even 4.3.6 
> was late March, 2008].  Maybe just try removing zsh-completion entirely, 
> to see if it's the problem.

Unfortunately, no combination of downgrading to app-shells/zsh-4.3.4-r1
and removing zsh-completion doesn't fix the issue.

> Otherwise, my question would be, what other .zsh files might you have?  I 
> didn't pare it down to the minimal .zshrc you posted (I've got too much 
> else going on in mine), but your first post on the Gentoo forum thread 
> looked like it was searching in .config/zsh/modules in your home 
> directory, which seems odd to me.

My usual setup is a ~/.zshrc file, which sources half a dozen files from
~/.config/zsh/ containing the actual configuration (prompt, alias,
completion, ...). But the default gentoo ~/.zshrc (the 'simple .zshrc'
that I posted) also provokes the same error.



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