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Re: alternative method for a simple for

On Tuesday 15 September 2009 14:52:00 Peter Stephenson wrote:
> Joke de Buhr wrote:
> > > +Many of zsh's complex commands have alternate forms.  These are
> > > +non-standard and are likely not to be obvious even to seasoned
> > > shell +programmers; they should not be used anywhere that
> > > portability is a +concern.
> > >
> > >  The short versions below only work if var(sublist) is of the form
> > >  `tt({) var(list) tt(})' or if the tt(SHORT_LOOPS) option is set. 
> > > For the tt(if),
> >
> > It would be nice to define the term portability in this case.
> It's deliberately vague.  It covers the case of other zsh users who may
> not understand the variants because they don't use them.  I can perhaps
> eliminate any unnecessary ambiguity by saying "portability of shell
> code".

It definitely minimizes the fear of running into incompatibilities during  
minor zsh version updates with pure zsh scripts using the alternate 

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