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proper UTF-8 support under OSX


I have a snow leopard desktop to which I use the default BASH which works fine. Then I have another system on the house that runs Tiger (OSX) 10.4.11 mac mini G4 ppc. When I ssh from SL to Tiger I can't write greek. The UTF-8 support appears to be broken, while I can't see nor UTF-8 nor ISO-8859-7 chars on mutt email client.

Of course I tried to set .zshrc LANG and LOCALE options in el_GR.UTF-8 mode but it does not work. And while I can't write Greek to zsh and bash, apparently I can write correctly using ksh!!!

Does this make any sense? Could someone give me a hint on how to adjust this?

Best regards

Panagiotis (atmosx) Atmatzidis

email:  atma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
URL:    http://www.convalesco.org
GnuPG key id: 0xFC4E8BB4
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