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Re: proper UTF-8 support under OSX

On 2009-10-23 15:46:11 +0200, François Revol wrote:
> > No. fr_FR.UTF-8 doesn't necessarily exist. For instance, under
> > Maemo Linux, one needs to use LC_CTYPE=fr_FR, which is UTF-8, but
> > under most Linux-based platforms, fr_FR is ISO-8859-1, so that the
> > charmap is
> This looks braindead to me, couldn't they just specify it to always be
> canonical ?

Yes, this was a very bad choice IMHO. But the user has to deal with it.

> > incorrect after a SSH, unless one uses some tricks (I use a
> > LC_CHARMAP variable in order to update the LC_CTYPE from my
> > .zshenv if need be).
> Note however than charmap != encoding !!

What do you mean here?

The same notion is often designated under the following terms (which
may have different meanings depending on the context): charset (e.g.
in MIME), character set, codeset (e.g. in nl_langinfo), charmap (e.g.
in locales), coding system (e.g. in Emacs), encoding (e.g. in XML).

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