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Re: the function to show a digit argument while it is being typed

>>>>> On November 11, 2009 Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Things get even hairier when argument-base is thrown in.

So I decided to play with that a bit, and in my experience, use of
argument-base to set the base only persists for one subsequent use of
digit-argument or universal-argument.  Is that expected?  It's what I
see even with 'zsh -f'.  The documentation is not explicit on this
point, but my assumption is that the setting would persist until the
next change, and I do not see anywhere in the code where zmod.base is
modified other than in argumentbase(), though there are two struct
assignments to it, however they look to be doing save/restore types of
stuff, but I'm not sure what bin_zle_call() is wrapped around..

Anyway, is this how it's supposed to work?

Also, in universalargument(), is it intentional that if an argument is
explicitly passed it is interpreted in base 10?


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