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Re: Zsh functionality similar to Perl 'map'?

"Benjamin R. Haskell" <zsh@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I frequently find myself diff'ing files that have minor differences I'd 
> like to filter out.  E.g. this gem from my historyfile:
> diff -ur =(LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/chromium.org/lib ldd /opt/chromium.org/chrome-linux/chrome | perl -lpwe 's/\(.*\)//' | sort | uniq) =(ldd /opt/chromium.org/chrome-linux/chrome | perl -lpwe 's/\(.*\)//' | sort | uniq)
> (That is: find the differences in the loaded libraries for the Linux 
> version of Chromium, depending on whether LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains 
> /opt/chromium.org/lib)
> These diffs follow the general pattern:
> diff -ur =(do-something-1 | filter) =(do-something-2 | filter)
> My question is: is there a nice way to 'map' this, so I don't have to 
> type/edit the '| filter' portion twice?  The filter portion often changes, 
> and is usually incrementally developed.
> (E.g. in the Chromium case, I have the consecutive commands:
> diff -ur =(LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/chromium.org/lib ldd /opt/chromium.org/chrome-linux/chrome) =(ldd /opt/chromium.org/chrome-linux/chrome)
> diff -ur =(LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/chromium.org/lib ldd /opt/chromium.org/chrome-linux/chrome | perl -lpwe 's/\(.*\)//') =(ldd /opt/chromium.org/chrome-linux/chrome | perl -lpwe 's/\(.*\)//')
> diff -ur =(LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/chromium.org/lib ldd /opt/chromium.org/chrome-linux/chrome | perl -lpwe 's/\(.*\)//' | sort | uniq) =(ldd /opt/chromium.org/chrome-linux/chrome | perl -lpwe 's/\(.*\)//' | sort | uniq)
> )
> I suspect most people's preferred solutions will involve functions... 
> something along the lines of:
> function filter () { perl -lpwe 's/\(.*\)//' | sort | uniq } ; diff -ur =(blah-1 | filter) =(blah-2 | filter)
> But I was wondering if there was another way that didn't disrupt the flow 
> as much.  (I dislike that the filter function ends up getting 'fronted', 
> to use the linguistic term.  It's kind of like saying, "A butter knife, he 
> spread the jam with it and the jelly with it," when I'd rather say, "He 
> spread the jam and the jelly with a butter knife," or even "He spread 
> with a butter knife the jam and the jelly.")
> Plus, this isn't the best or most-general example.  Often the '| filter' 
> part is actually run on two different files, rather than piped-in.  (So:
> diff -ur =(filter file1) =(filter file2)
> )

You could always do this:

filterdiff () {
    emulate -L zsh
    local i a
    local -a opts
    local -a args
    while [[ $# > 0 ]]
        case $a in
            (--)  args=($args $*) 
            (-?*) opts=($opts $a)
            (*)   args=($args $a)
    if (( $#args != 3 ))
        print "usage: $0 [options] <filter> <file1> <file2>" >&2
        return 1
    diff $opts -- <( eval $args[1] < $args[2] ) <( eval $args[1] < $args[3] )

Use it like this:

  filterdiff 'tr a-z A-Z | tac' /etc/passwd /etc/hosts

You have to quote the filter of course...
> Ideally, it'd end up as something like:
> diff -ur =({do-something1,do-something2} | filter)
> or
> diff -ur =(filter {file1,file2})
> ...and, yes, I know that's a *huge* stretch.  And, maybe my Perl bias for 
> map'ping everything is showing, but still, figured I'd ask.

I'm afraid this fancy syntax won't be possible.  Well, you could by
hacking the completion system, but that would be unmaintainable 


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