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Re: unable to wait on completed job

Thank you Bart for the detailed investigation.  I can work around the
problem for now.  I remembered you mentioning zargs the other day, and
went to look how it handles parallel execution but it's not too smart
about managing jobs.

> In any case this is one of those places where zsh does not claim full
> compatibility with POSIX.

> "Fixing" this may be a fairly convoluted change to the already somewhat
> baroque job table management code.

So is this something you think needs to get fixed, would be nice to
fix, or not worth it?  Seems like you really need this if you want to
be able to manage parallel job execution.

Would also be nice if there were a way to test job status without
actually waiting.  I'm currently using 'kill -0'..  but maybe I can
use the jobstates parameter from the zsh/parameter module, will look
into that.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author