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Unable to read history on latest Cygwin


the new Cygwin 1.7 release is soon to be released. According to Cygwin 
Project Co-Leader Corinna Vinschen, Cygwin will drop "fake support" for 
emulating hardlinks on FAT32: "Hardlinks on FAT [...] have been faked in 
1.5 by copying the file. The decision was made a couple of weeks back to 
drop this fake since the application should know that the underlying 
filesystem is not capable of creating hardlinks."

The result of that is that I'm not able to run zsh "portable" from a 
FAT32 USB thumb drive: "zsh: failed to create hard link as lock file 
/home/thorsten/.zhistory.LOCK: operation not permitted". (Zsh is running 
but history is neither saved nor written). histfcntllock also results in 

"Your best bet now might be to report this as an upstream bug to zsh, 
and recommend that they use an alternative approach, such as symlink 
locking (the way emacs does things), if hard link locking doesn't work 
because of the underlying file system."

Bash does not exihibit the error.


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