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Re: zsh portable script

Le 20 juil. 2010 à 16:01, Thorsten Kampe a écrit :

>> Indeed, this kind of "too smart" stuff fails miserably on BeOS and Haiku, which does not have /usr.
> Now that is a really convincing argument. BeOS was last updated in 2001 
> and "Haiku" has reached now Alpha stage after nine years. Seriously, on 

Oh that's a nice way to discard both the question and consideration for non-mainstream OSes (or should I say "anything non-linux" ?).

> systems that don't follow the FHS at all, you will have a lot more 
> serious problems running any kind of script.

I ran many shell/perl/python/… scripts in BeOS and Haiku for years without much trouble.
Not that much as with people thinking using autofools makes their apps automagically portable but forget to test for libm.

I've ported mercurial to BeOS & Haiku, and, coïncidentally the only thing I had to change was exactly this #!/usr/bin/env python crap.
And it works very well (unlike git which was ported but is as unusable as on linux :p).


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