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Re: Completion style like Vim

Ben --

[ Sorry about the off-list reply -- that's gmail being a pain.
Hopefully I've sorted that now. ]

On 16 November 2010 21:21, Benjamin R. Haskell <zsh@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> [attempt two -- not sure if the original ever hit the current zsh-users
> address]
> On Tue, 16 Nov 2010, Matt Wozniski wrote:
>> Michael was describing how it works in command-line mode, not insert
>> mode.

Thanks, Matt.  Apologies for not being very clear before.   I suppose
to me it was obvious what I meant by "completion" in terms of ":" mode
in VIm.  But it looks like we're all singing from the same hymn sheet
now.  :)

> Ah, yep.  There's the disconnect.  I do too much with Vim's
> insert-completion to think of that as "completion".
> In any case, the following seems to work like Vim's command-line
> completion:
> bindkey "^[[A" history-beginning-search-backward
> bindkey "^[[B" history-beginning-search-forward
> ^[[A == up arrow, ^[[B == down.  Sounds like you want ^n and ^p, too.

Thanks, Ben.  This works exactly as I want, except for one thing --
the cursor position.

Let's say I have this in my history:


... and assume also that I've got your bindings configured (which I do) as:

bindkey "^[[A" history-beginning-search-backward
bindkey "^[[B" history-beginning-search-forward

If I type in (at the zsh prompt):


and press the up-arrow key and down-arrow key, the cursor position
remains after the underscore.  Ideally, I'd love it if the cursor,
when pressed in either up or down direction could complete the line,
*and* move to the end of the line, because now, I find myself having
to do this:


press "up-arrow", and then press "End", because actually I made a typo
at the end of the line I need to correct and/or was missing some
options from the command in the first place.  With my previous
bindings for those arrow-keys, this cursor-position was not a problem.

I have no doubt zsh can do this, and I am learning about it all the
time -- and I appreciate your help and Matt's so far.  So any insights
you might have are warmly appreciated.  :)



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