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Re: Zsh changes on Ubuntu

* Frank Terbeck (Sat, 17 May 2014 12:29:58 +0200)
> Since ubuntu is debian's downstream, I'm pretty sure this may be tied to
> a change in debian's global zshrc: In pre-5.x packages, debian used a
> rather broken approach trying to read escape sequences for special keys
> from the terminfo database.
> Starting with the package for 5.0.0 and onward¹, that was fixed by
> setting the terminal zsh is running in into the correct mode for the
> values from terminfo to be applicable while zsh's line editor (ZLE) is
> running. This was done to make the setup work across as many different
> terminals as possible.
> If you had bound keys to hard-coded escape sequences that worked outside
> of that mode, those may be invalid with that mode active. To bind
> something to - say - the Up-Cursor key, you'd do this:
>   bindkey "${key[Up]}" some-widgets-name
> To get a list of valid keys for the ‘$key[]’ map:
>   print ${(k)key}
> We also added an entry to the package's NEWS file about this change².
> The file also mentions a "Get out of my way, I know what I'm doing!"
> variable, that serves as a way to disable the package's keyboard setup,
> should you want to go a different route.

"export DEBIAN_PREVENT_KEYBOARD_CHANGES=yes" in .zshenv did the 

Thanks, Thorsten

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