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Re: completion issue

Hi, Bart! Thanks for reply!

В письме от Вс, 8 июня 2014 12:27:33 пользователь Bart Schaefer написал:
> On Jun 9, 12:40am, Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov wrote:
> }
> }
> } I experienced some issue, related to completion. Here is some summarizing
> of my debug-digging: }
> } > _arguments:comparguments:312: invalid option definition: -V[N]fname[Be
> verbose (level N) (log messages to fname)]
> This is a help message from "vim".  Since the default _vim completion
> function does not attempt to parse the output of "vim --help", this
> must be coming from some other completion function that you have in your
> $fpath.  You will need to contact whoever wrote that function and get
> them to fix it.
> If you're seeing the above error when completing after a command other
> than "vim" (or an alias for vim), then something else is messed up.
> The output of this might be helpful:
>     which-completion() {
> 	emulate -R zsh
> 	print -l ${(u~):-${^fpath}/${(v)^_comps[(I)(|*,)$1(,*|)]}(N-.)}
>     }
> Run that as e.g.
>     which-completion vim
> to see which function is being called for completion of the "vim" command.

$ which-completion vim
$ qfile /usr/share/zsh/5.0.5/functions/Completion/Unix/_vim
app-shells/zsh (/usr/share/zsh/5.0.5/functions/Completion/Unix/_vim)

# it belongs to default zsh "box", so, it probably, someone of zsh devs.
Unfortunately it is no authorship comments in the file and, I can't lurk into 
zsh's vcs to find it out at the moment...

But, anyway, thanks alot fr you help!

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