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Re: Terminology: Alt-Backspace doesn't work

Oliver Kiddle <okiddle@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Hi Oliver,

>> E.g., in urxvt or gnome-terminal, Alt-Backspace results in the shell
>> receiving the key "^[^?".  In terminology, Alt-Backspace gives "^H"
>> (which is Control-Backspace with urxvt/gnome-terminal).
>> Is this a known issue or is there some config option that I need to
>> change?
> It's a Terminology issue rather than a zsh one. Zsh only gets a ^H and
> has no further information.

Thought so.

> It may be that Terminology can be confiured: xterm lets you do that
> with X resources.

Um, how would I know?  As far as I can see, there's not much
documentation available at its web page...

> Or you may find another key combination that can be configured:
> Alt-Left and Ctrl-W are common choices for that.

Yeah, sure.  But since I'm used to Emacs, I'd prefer to keep the emacs
style key bindings in ZSH.


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