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Re: umount completion context and tags

[Sticking with zsh-users for now but this maybe should move to -workers]

On Dec 14,  4:15pm, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
} Subject: Re: umount completion context and tags
} >     umount u<Tab>
} >     umount udev  (!!!)
} That's weird in at least two ways. I get the style to work only if i
} make it ":completion:*".

See previous message about :(u|)mount: ...?

} Secondly, those are filesystem types, not labels, and are only valid
} after -t afaik(?), and umount -t produces a broken completion.

Hmm.  On the latter point, "umount -t" works for me:

torch% umount -t 
adfs         eventpollfs  iso9660      qnx4         selinuxfs    usbdevfs
autofs       ext2         minix        ramfs        sockfs       usbfs
bdev         ext3         mqueue       reiserfs     swap         vboxsf
bfs          futexfs      nodev        relayfs      sysfs        vfat
binfmt_misc  hfs          ntfs         romfs        tmpfs        vxfs
cramfs       hpfs         pipefs       rootfs       udf          xfs
devpts       hugetlbfs    proc         rpc_pipefs   ufs          xiafs

(same zsh session as my previous reply, with the '! device-labels' in
the tag-order).

In what more specific way is it broken for you?  Which branch of the
'case "$OSTYPE"' is taken in _mount on your host?

On the former point, I get:

torch% umount u<TAB>
torch% umount usbfs 

Looking at _complete_debug output, usbfs is being completed as a device
label because there are no matches to "u" for either device-paths or
directories.  The tag-order '!' style only applies when the other tags
do have possible matches.

Now, as to WHY it's being completed as a label, it's because /etc/mtab
has the line

usbfs /proc/bus/usb usbfs rw 0 0

so _mount assigns

dev_tmp=( /dev/hda2 usbfs /dev/hda1 sunrpc )

which subsquently interprets everything that doesn't start with a slash
as a device label.

Barton E. Schaefer

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