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Re: ZSH "killing" sdcard/flash memory...

On Dec 19,  6:24am, meino.cramer@xxxxxx wrote:
} Long story...short questions:
} What is it, what makes the history mechanism of zsh constantly
} "doing something" (closing/opening, writing, time stamping,
} etc...anything what is filesystem related) with the filesystem, even
} if there is no commandline to record?

The shell should be blocked on read of standard input unless it is
actively reading a command.  Do you mean you're interacting with a
shell that's running on this embedded system?

Do you have something like strace you can connect to the shell with to
see what system calls it is making?

} How can I switch that off without lossing the history mechanism
} itsselg?

Make sure you don't have SHARE_HISTORY or INC_APPEND_HISTORY or
INC_APPEND_HISTORY_TIME set -- but even those I'd only expect to be
examining the history when the shell is actively doing something.

Zsh does create and delete a lock file every time it needs to examine
the history.  In a recent shell you can try HIST_FCNTL_LOCK to see if
that avoids the lock file creation.

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