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Re: using gitlab (or other) issue tracker instead of mailing list?

On Dec 31,  5:10pm, Timothee Cour wrote:
} What are your requirements for tracking zsh issues, and could this be
} accomplished by a standard issue tracker (eg github/gitlab/bitbucket)
} instead of this mailing list ?

I think the answer to the "instead" part of that question is "no,"
if only because of the long-standing practice of linking changes to
discussion threads by use of the list archive article number.

My personal requirements for any tracker that isn't the zsh-workers
mailing list are (1) somebody else is responsible for operating it;
(2) it's at least as useful to those of us who are updating the code
as it is to the people who just want to report problems; and (3) I
no longer have to carry on this discussion.

By way of relatively recent analogy, we switched version control from
CVS to git because the people who were proponents of the change got
involved with the process, and provided suggestions/assistance/tools,
and in several cases actually became involved in code maintenance.
Without that degree of commitment to whatever bug tracker you propose
we adopt, continuing to push it is just a distraction.

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