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Re: 'zle redisplay' bug in 5.3?

On Jan 5,  4:01pm, Jan Larres wrote:
}   expand-or-complete-with-dots() {
}       echo -ne "\e[31m......\e[0m"
}       zle expand-or-complete
}       zle redisplay
}   }

Hmm.  Indeed, with multi-line prompts, invoking redisplay immediately
after a completion menu is displayed will move the cursor upward as
many extra lines as the prompt is tall but then does not finish the
repainting of the prompt, leaving the cursor in the wrong place.

You don't even need compinit, just do:

    % PS1=$':first line\n'"$PS1"
    :first line
    % ls <TAB>
    :first line
    % ls <M-x redisplay><RET>

and you'll observe zle get confused.

This is from workers/38048 ... where I asked for additional feedback
and got none ... discussion starts in users/21315.

I suspect something is different about the complist module vs. plain
completion menu and the change in 38048 does not account for the

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