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Re: option to show file:line everytime echo is called?

On 13/01/17 12:32 AM, Timothee Cour wrote:
turns out Anthony Heading's solution works great (thanks!): alias
echo2='echo ${(%):-%x:%I}'
I have a function 'varis' that does something similar but it uses $LINENO which reports the line number within the function, but I see that the above reports the line number within the file which is very nice for the obvious reason that if you have several functions defined in one file, you don't constantly have to do the arithmetic of the line offset from where the function begins in the file. But I'm curious as to how the above can work, or even how $LINENO works, since, once a function is sourced, it exists in it's -- don' t know the correct term -- 'cut down' or 'pure' form with no blank lines or comments (I think), so how does zsh know/remember what the function looks like in the original file? Does it go back and check when the above is used or does it have some way of remembering? That doesn't seem reasonable, still it works perfectly.

Way down in some file:

   xx ()

        jjunk="This is jjunk"

        varis jjunk
        echo ${(%):-%x:%I}


   $ xx
   xx, line 7:  evaluated: "$jjunk" is: |This is jjunk|

... so the 'echo' knows the true line number and the name of the file vs. knowing the name of the function and the line within the function. Nice to have both available!

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