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Re: whence question

On 14/01/17 10:55 AM, Bart Schaefer wrote:

   local _args=( ${~@} )

Well nuts. I use what seems to work and if there's a better way that I don't know about, then I don't know about it until I know about it. I thought I learned that whenever 'nogob' was in effect that 'eval' was the only way to crack open a glob! I've always hated it, so the above seems a huge improvement unless there's any gotchas with it. So hard to really understand these myriads of syntactic tricks. I'm still most of the time trying things by trial and error and saved snips of things that seemed to work elsewhere. Real mastery is still some time off. What would be useful is a sort of 'walk through' of some constructions so that the parse becomes human understandable. Above I'd read: the local variable '_args' will be created as an array (split on God know what) set equal to the contents of the argument string (modified by the tilde in some way that I've never seen), the argument string being enclosed in '${}' because it is being modified ... so I almost read that one.

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