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Re: Disabling prompt refresh

On Feb 13,  3:31pm, Jesper Nygards wrote:
} Is there a way to either disable the prompt refresh while the message is
} displayed, or, alternatively, to redisplay the message after a prompt
} refresh?

The simplest approach might be to not use "zle -M" at all:

  _show_dirs() {
    POSTDISPLAY=$'\n'"${$(dirs -vl)//$'\t'/  }" 

To answer your question, though -- you would need to have the functions
coordinate somehow, e.g.:

  typeset -gH _prompt_message
  _show_dirs() {
    _prompt_message="${$(dirs -vl)//$'\t'/  }"
    zle -M "_prompt_message"
  schedprompt() {
    emulate -L zsh
    zmodload -i zsh/sched

    integer i=${"${(@)zsh_scheduled_events#*:*:}"[(I)schedprompt]}
    (( i )) && sched -$i

    zle && zle reset-prompt &&
    [[ -n $_prompt_message ]] && zle -M "$_prompt_message"

    sched +30 schedprompt
  clear-prompt-message() {
  autoload add-zsh-hook
  add-zsh-hook precmd clear-prompt-message

(I'm guessing schedprompt is also a precmd hook but didn't want to assume.)

You could instead in schedprompt do

    [[ -z $_prompt_message ]] && zle && zle reset-prompt

to disable the redraw.

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