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Re: trap ERR

On 21/02/17 09:30 AM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
On Feb 21,  8:56am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} > There's nothing to stop you using $fpath and autoload in a script.
} Yabut that requires one function per file IIRC.

There's also nothing to stop you putting your functions in ~/.zshenv
so that they're available in every shell that starts up.  It's all
down to dividing things appropriately across your init files to get
the right balance of having components you need without too much
startup overhead (and proper wariness of functions that redefine any
common commands like "ls" etc.).

I've been meaning to throw myself at the init stuff again and figure out just how to get use out of all those files. At the moment everything is in .zshrc. I don't execute scripts much because they are 'naked', but if I put the whole thing in .zshenv are you saying that every script will have everything available? Starting anew shell only takes a second, so I'm not worried about the overhead. And it would sure make it easier to leave some tasks cleanly, which I take it is the beauty of scripts anyway. Till now I've just tried to work around that.

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