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Re: Setup git-stash completion for a function: $line is wrong

On Mar 12,  5:37pm, Daniel Hahler wrote:
} I am using a helper method to setup completion for functions that are
} used as extended aliases.
}   # Helper to setup completion for functions, e.g.
}   # "complete_function gcf git commit --fixup" will setup completion for
}   # "gcf" => "git commit --fixup".
}   complete_function() {
}     local f=$1; shift
}     compdef -e "words=($* \"${(@)words[2,-1]}\"); ((CURRENT+=$(( $#*-1 )))); _normal" $f
}   }

This can't be right.  Because of the double quotes around the argument
of compdef -e, ${(@)words[2,-1]} will expand when complete_function
is executed, not when the compdef value is needed.  Same for $(( $#*-1 ))
which by the way is the same as $(( $# - 1 )).  Also as you are already
inside (( )) you don't need $(( )).

Try it this way:

  complete_function() {           
    local f=$1; shift
    compdef -e "words[1]=( ${${(qq)@}} ); (( CURRENT += $# )); _normal" $f

There's a bit of magic there using an extra ${...} around ${(qq)@} to
force the multi-word expansion of $@ back into a single string so that
the outer double-quotes won't split it the way "$@" is normally split.

} Additionally, I think that zsh itself should provide a way to more
} easily setup completion for functions (i.e. something like my wrapper
} function above).

How would you envision this to work?  How does "zsh itself" know what
someone is going to do inside a function body?

There's already (compdef cmd=service) e.g.

    compdef gsta=git

for wrappers that don't insert things into their argument words to act
exactly like a pre-existing completion.  Also, using an alias instead
of a function wrapper, i.e.,

    alias gsta='git stash'

should "just work" because completion will expand the alias before it
builds $words and looks up the completion.

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