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Re: Completion for cd

On Mar 14,  6:38pm, Jesper Nygards wrote:
} I can't figure out why my configuration change has caused the
} 'ignore-parents' style to stop working.

I tried trivially to reproduce this in the current master from git,
by copy-pasting your example configuration (with suitable adjustment
to cdpath); ignore-parents seemed to be working for me.

The _complete_debug facility is provided to help with tracking down
this sort of thing.  A typical process I would follow is:

1. Restore the original configuration where ignore-parents works
   and start a new shell.

2. Do a sample completion where ignore-parents should be applied,
   but instead of using TAB to complete, use ctrl-x question-mark
   which invokes _complete_debug.  Note the file name where it
   says it stored the trace output (you may have to up-history to
   see it).

3. Add your new tag-order configurations and start another new shell.

4. Repeat the same completion with _complete_debug and note the file
   name again (it should be similar to the last one, except with the
   PID of the new shell).

5. Invoke a side-by-side diff tool such as meld, or ediff (emacs),
   etc., and compare the two files.  This should give you some clues
   about where the completion is going wrong.

The most likely explanation is that the local-directories tag-order
is causing the completion with ignore-parents to find nothing, so
the default is to show the result without ignore-parents ... but
why that happens for you and not when I try to reproduce may be
the detail that comparing debug traces reveals.

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