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Rapid TUI application development with Zcurses + ZUI library

with ZUI you create applications by constructing simple text – like with
HTML. Available are anchors, buttons, text-fields, list-boxes, toggles.
Here is a configure/make wrapper written in ZUI:


Here is source of Hello World:


Administrators, for example, will be able to write TUI for their
everyday tasks. The configure wrapper can be extended:
- by use of text fields: pre-configure CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS,
- by use of toggle buttons: "-g" on/off, etc.
- entered data stored in file, available at next run.

Zsh can be like Ruby or at least ... have to mention it ... PHP –
because ZUI application is a CGI+(D)HTML architecture mimicry.

Project's wiki: https://github.com/zdharma/zui/wiki
Main homepage: http://zdharma.org

  Sebastian Gniazdowski

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