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Re: menu-completion bug

On Mar 16,  1:42am, Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov wrote:
} If you see that pre-last column items getting "reversed" green colour
} (i.e. foreground=terminal-default-fg-color,background=green), then you
} just confirmed bug.

This isn't strictly a completion bug, rather it's a problem with the
coloring support in the complist module.

There are several things going on at once here -- the matches are being
color-coded, the menu navigation is maintaining the reverse-video for
the current selection position, and various things like the "@" between
username and hostname are being highlighted on the command line.  For
some of these there is no explicit ANSI sequence to turn exactly one
attribute off, instead everything has to be reset.  So on some of the
repaint positions, the sequences to turn a new effect on are issued,
and an artifact of the old sequences is left.

This seems to come down to whether clprintm(), called from singledraw()
at line 1947, returns early without outputting anything.  That works if
only the default colors are being used, but not when the "normal text"
color has been changed.  So I suspect it's an optimization gone wrong.

That's as far as I've gotten.  Further discussion should probably be on
the zsh-workers list.

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