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Re: Making file-patterns and tag-order work

also sprach Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2017-03-22 14:15 +1300]:
> }   zstyle ':completion:*:argument*' tag-order "
> }     directories
> }     globbed-files files all-files
> }     backup-files
> }     compiled-files
> }     temp-files
> }     vim-swap-files
> }     "
> This is wrong.  If you combine tags into a single string, they
> will all be sorted together.  tag-order is a list -- try without
> the double quotes around the value (which means you'll need
> backslashes at the end of each line, or similar).

I also tried that. It makes absolutely no difference, actually.

Apart from that, tag-order actually takes "sets of space-separated
lists" and I read Peter's description in the Zsh Guide:

  If you put the tags into the same word by quoting, for example
  "local-directories path-directories", then they would be tried at
  the same time, which in this case gives you the effect of the

to be exactly what I want, i.e. if the completion can be done from
the set of directories or files already, then I *still* want it to
offer me the other tags, and this is why I think I need to put all
the tags into the same set by quoting. If I didn't do this, then the
remaining sets of tags would simply not be considered.

But again, it actually makes no difference whether I use a single
quoted string of all tags, or each tag separately. I think the
problem is elsewhere…

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