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Re: command not found: _arguments

On May 17, 10:46pm, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Pavlov (ZyX) wrote:
} 17.05.2017, 22:09, "Guilherme Furtado Pacheco" <guilherme.f.pacheco@xxxxxxxxx>:
} > I'm having trouble with completions for some commands.
} I get similar problems after zsh update.

If this were only an fpath problem, the error would more likely be

    zsh: _arguments: function definition file not found

Since it is "command not found" it means that some of the completion
functions are not being found by compinit.  Either compinit needs to be
re-run with the corrected fpath, or more likely the ~/.zcompdump file
has been incorrectly populated.

    rm ~/.zcompdump*

and then try starting up your shell again.  If the error persists, you
have somehow acquired a version mismatch between the zsh binary that is
being run and the functions library that has been installed.

What is the value of $SHELL in a shell where completion works compared
to one where it does not?

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