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Completions from file with zcompsys

Back in the time of compctl there were a lot of hand written
completions in my config, but compsys this has all gone away for
the default completions on the system.  Now I need something
special for a hand written command, and the amount of
documentation in the zshcompsys and zshcompwid manpages is
overwhelming.  Are there some quick instructions instructions or a
cheat sheet on the new completion system somewhere?

The task at hand is:  Some command, say "foo", takes lines from a
certain, pre-written, sorted file as possible completions.  (The
lines are actually latin plant names which should not matter.),

-- snip --
Chenopodium acuminatum
Chenopodium album
Daucus carota
-- snip --

And I want to type things like

  $ foo Cheno<TAB>alb<TAB>   # -> Chenopodium album
  $ foo Che*a<TAB>           # -> Chenopodium a

(using menu completion, not expanding the * to all matching
completions).  This is probably only one or two lines in the


Dominik ^_^  ^_^


Dominik Vogt

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