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Array parameter expansion: take n-th word from array elements

Hi all,

I would like to parse some output from a command that generates an array of
the following elements:

Main System.Xml.XPath - 4.3
Main System.Xml.XPath.XDocument - 4.3
Test Castle.Core - 4.0
Test FsCheck - 2.9


foo=('a interesting - b' 'a also-interesting - c')

I would like to take the second word from each and every of the array
elements (interesting also-interesting). Unfortunately,

print -l ${foo[2]}

prints the second element, 'a also-interesting - c'.

A for loop works:

local -a filtered
for package in $foo; do
  # Split by space and take second word.
  filtered+="${${(s. .)package}[2]}"

But I wonder if there is a better way using parameter expansion. Here's
what I came up with so far:
print -l ${${(s. .)foo}[2]}

Unfortunately, it just prints 'interesting'.

Any ideas pointing me in the right direction are greatly appreciated!

Alexander Groß

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