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Re: -pcre-match doesn't work since version 5.4.1

On 2017-08-10 at 21:07 -0400, Phil Pennock wrote:
> On 2017-08-11 at 00:29 +0200, nimaje+zml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > after upgrading to version 5.4.1 I noticed that using -pcre-match doesn't
> > work

> I see this too; none of the loadable infix operators seem to be working,
> so it's not specific to the PCRE module.  -regex-match doesn't work
> either.

I took this to -workers and a patch has been posted.  A change in
tokenization logic accidentally broke lookup of conditionals where
there's a dash inside the conditional name.

No idea whether my patch or something else will be applied, but know
that what we have includes a regression test so that this one won't slip
through again.

> As a workaround, `setopt re_match_pcre` and then using =~ as the
> operator does still work.  (This is why I didn't immediately see the
> breakage myself).

That workaround applies still.  And now we know why it works.  :)


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