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Re: string overwrites string when echoed

Bart Schaefer wrote:

> There have been several reasonable replies to
> this, but it might be useful to point out
> that the ^M is there in the first place
> because curl is emitting it. A quick glance
> through the curl documentation doesn't reveal
> a way to prevent that. You could strip it off
> when postprocessing the curl output in your
> url-exists function, which might prevent
> confusion if you ever use that separately
> from the urls-exist wrapper.

Right, thank you, the original idea was to have
a single function but I did them separately to
track down the error. Now I will merge them
into a single DWIM function that doesn't output
the URL if a single URL is provided, however if
two or more are, the URLs will be to tell the
response codes apart.

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