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Re: gem update failed

On 2017-10-13 at 14:18 +0200, Sascha Manns wrote:
> this is my first try with using the zsh shell.
> I just typed 'gem update' and then comes this one https://paste.ubuntu.
> com/25731832/'

Nothing that I could see in that relates to zsh at all.  I didn't spot
anything relating to shell integration.  This is entirely a Ruby
ecosystem issue.

So this is off-topic for zsh-users, but to get you started looking in
the right place, note that the stack trace on line 18 explicitly
complains of the missing piece, and on the next line suggests what might
be done.

"psych" appears to have been added to Ruby's stdlib in version
1.9, which is now very old; "ruby --version" (or "irb" and then
"puts RUBY_VERSION") will show you the version you have.  If your Ruby
is that ancient then there's nothing to be done until you get current
and search for "rbenv" for a decent way to manage that.  If your Ruby is
new enough, then the advice in the stack trace is probably accurate.

Your shell, whether zsh, bash, fish, elvish or anything else, can
invoke commands, provide environment variables to control the commands,
and sometimes, with special integration hacks, let commands appear to
manipulate the shell (by really using functions invoked transparently
around the command); I mention this last only because in the area you're
working in, these hacks are more common (they're normally very rare).
So it's possible for problems to be shell-related, but unlikely.  If you
don't know, then a good way to start is to just try the command in the
other shell.  If you start "bash" and the command works from bash, but
not from zsh, then you're in a good place to come ask for help, noting
what you've tried and why you think it might be something wrong with
your setup of zsh (or zsh itself).  Until you've confirmed that it's
shell-specific, your search for solutions should focus on the command
being invoked, not the shell used to invoke it.

Good luck,

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