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Re: random once but not twice

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> You can also work around with the following
> rand48 function.
> (rand48; print $REPLY) (rand48; print $REPLY)

Works! Only I don't understand this syntax.
What does it do?



    print $seed >$file

I suppose is some intentional circular
short-circuit to generate gibberish data?

BTW you could benefit from a spellchecker :)
Here is a spell-checked version of your comment

# Generate a 48-bit pseudo-random number as
# a floating point value between 0 and 1 in
# This version is slow but works around the fact
# that the random number seed doesn't propagate
# back from a subshell by storing the seed in
# a file.
# You can specify a file name, else
# ${ZDOTDIR:-~}/.zsh-rand48-seed is used, but
# if using the default be careful about
# simultaneous accesses from multiple shells.

Thanks :)

underground experts united

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