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Promoting writing Zshell software not scripts – Help Wanted

plugins for Zshell have serious flaw: "works -> next" approach, typical for writing scripts or zshrc. The effect is low commit count (3-30) and a state of "you can fiddle with it".

The idea: Github asciidoc document listing 100-or-more commit projects:



 - there are so many 3-30 commit plugins that its actually hard to use plugins in general, the flood literaly blocks good projects,

 – creating mindset alternative to Advanced Bash Scripting Guide mindset, which is about writing top-down scripts, using grep, sed, etc., reading data via var=( `ls -1` ), etc., being clever in doing this (it is indeed a challenge to code like that); such mindset is the promotion of writing software not scripts.

My first question: what quality traits can be easily checked in Zsh script code? I currently have a) has tests, b) generated docs, c) is using autoload, d) is using warn_create_global, e) is using Travis CI to do continuous building with tests.

My second question: would anyone contribute to https://github.com/zdharma/Zsh-100-Commits-Club ? It is hard to analyze and test multiple plugins, I might have started a half-year project if I will do this alone.

PS. I have 2.5 year experience in delivering 100, 200 or recently 1000 commits per Zshell project and have good insight what is a difference between a software and a script. But I think everyone can also get correct conclusions per-logic if needed, so I skipped this part.

Sebastian Gniazdowski
psprint /at/ zdharma.org

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