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Re: Can zsh `else` reserved keyword command be aliased and the lexem itself be repurposed as `fi` keyword command?

Le 30/12/2017 à 18:16, Ray Andrews a écrit :

When you put it that way, yes, the horror diminishes ... just so long as no anarchist tries to redefine 'alias' or some such thing. There HAS to be something who's meaning is not negotiable.

  #define define "undefine"
  #define undefine "define"
  alias alias="this must surely be forbidden"

There are only a few things that must be intepreted in a clearly defined consensual way for a very limited and well specified context.

By the way, "alias" in Esperanto means "is other than" and as such would certainly make a great keyword for the inequality operator. :)

I dunno, maybe there are reasons to want to fiddle with reserved words but it seems blasphemous to me.  Never mind.
Uttering some blasphemes might be a strong motivational per se. :)

But to give a broader context this is in fact investigated as part of this wikiversity research project about internationalisation of programming languages: https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Internationalisation_of_Programming_Languages

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