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Zsh requires Bash? 2002 revisited

Hi all,

After having to rebuild my system, I was unable to build zsh from
source.  Web searches were getting me no where. Checking man
pages, guide, faq, and anything else I could think of reading, again
nothing.  Since I have another life, besides zsh, I would come back
to this as time permitted. I finally found from the 2002 archives:

http://www.zsh.org/mla/workers/2002/msg00924.html  Bart's reply.

Not exactly the same as back in 2002, but it was the key for me.
I had been testing different shells to be used as the default "sh" on
my system. The last one I was testing before starting zsh builds
was "posh". Out of the six shells(bash,dash,ksh,mksh,posh,zsh) I
have installed, posh is the only shell that fails in the same way as
described in the archives. Bad luck? Murphy's Law?

Not sure what can or should be done.  I thought I would at least
report it. I just wish it had been easier to find.


Jim Murphy

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