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Re: alias hygiene

On Feb 17,  4:17pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} That doesn't sound too terrible, not some actualnew construction? So a 
} function can be a widget?

Sort of.  A function can be one component of a widget.  The other parts
of a widget are the bit of zsh internals that explains how it works in
ZLE, and the name used to refer to the whole composite.  A "user-defined"
widget has a shell function, those internals, and a name.  A "builtin"
widget has C code, internals, and a name.

} Show me one that I can understand

Daniel tried to do so a few messages ago, in users/23134.  You create a
widget with either "zle -N" (which sets up the internals for a "normal"
widget and attaches the name) or "zle -C" (which sets up internals for
completion and names it).

Once you have one of those objects you can use its name in "bindkey".

} When would I call 
} something a widget, not a function? When it's associated with ZLE?

Approximately, yes.  Most of the time it's convenient if the widget and
the function that implements it have the same name, but that's not a
requirement; for example, many function that implement searches or line
motions can handle going both forward and backward, so there will be
two widget names but only one function.

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