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relative path

Like anyone, when I'm working on something complicated I make copious backups, and if I find I've introduced some bug I run previous versions to see where the bug was introduced.   But I often have six terminals openat once, with different versions running here and there and it's easy to forget which terminal is running which backup, so I do this:

In file 'test' then being backed up to 'test,1' 'test,2' etc:

   function my_function ()
   _vvar=`whence -vS $0 | cut --delimiter=' ' --fields=7-`
   _ooutput=`ls -g --time-style=+%F/%T $_vvar | cut --delimiter=' '
   echo -e "Function: $0 \nFile: $_ooutput"

   # code below:


   $ . ./test; my_function
   Function: my_function
   File: 2018-02-21/13:07:10 ./test

   $ cp test test,2

   $ . ./test,2; my_function
   Function: my_function
   File: 2018-02-21/13:07:20 ./test,2

So, as various copies of the function run I can see the file that was sourced and its date, and I know which is newer than which. There's just one small problem and that's if I source the files via a relative path that path is the one seen by 'whence' and if I run the function out of the directory where the file is located, whence still sees the relative path but of course 'ls' now can't find the file.   This isn't a big problem in practice but I'm curious if there would be a solution.  Some way of capturing the absolute path even when I actually use a relative path.  I think there is, I have a niggling I've used it but I can't remember.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author