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Re: can zsh detect return from hibernation?

On 09/03/18 03:14 AM, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
I would advise you to try and fix the problem at the source (xfce), and
failing that, to look into your OS's support for post-hibernate hooks.

Good luck.

Zsh can do some things that are quite astonishing, irrespective of where the problem arises, so I thought  I'd ask.  It might have been the case that she'd be able to detect that the lights have been out, perhaps by noticing that the time has changed since she last checked, or something like that.  As for Debian, I've seen half a dozen ideas, none of which work.  No one really knows.  I learned not too long ago that zsh can detect the activation of a terminal (via movement of the mouse) so it was not a stretch to think that she might be able to detect even return from suspend or hibernation.   No foul if she can't of course, but most cool if she could.  Meanwhile I have to type:

$ hdparm -y /dev/sdb

... which isn't exactly onerous ;-)

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