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ssh host completion (take 2)

[Re-sending due to email bounce although my email is in the zsh archive]

I have tried to customize ssh completion using zstyle so that it uses only
the host names configured in my ~/.ssh/config file.  I use the following
section in my .zshrc file to try to get the desired behavior:

      if [[ -r ~/.ssh/config ]]; then
         sconf=( $(sed -n '/^Host[=\t ]/{s///;s/#.*//;p;}' ~/.ssh/config) )
         zstyle ':completion::complete:ssh:argument-1:' tag-order !users
         zstyle ':completion::*:ssh:*:' hosts $sconf
         #zstyle -e ':completion::*:ssh:*:' hosts REPLY=$sconf
         #zstyle -e ':completion::*:ssh:*:' hosts reply=$sconf
         # Use ^Xh to see context and tags applicable in CLI position

Some of my failed zstyle attempts are commented out.  I used the first
zstyle command to eliminate the built-in users completion I didn't
want(!users).  The 2nd remaining zstyle command attempts to give me
hostname completion based on hostnames in ~/.ssh/config.  I know there is a
built-in ssh hostname completion based on /etc/hosts.  I want to remove
that and replace it with the $sconf setting.  I'm not sure how to remove
the built-in hostname completion.

*jbenninghoff@jb-mbpro 1: zstyle*
        :completion:* _complete _ignored
        :compinstall '$HOME/.zshrc'
        :completion::*:ssh:*: kubeproxy pslab psnode184 ds-cluster-01
aws-ds rs1 rs-sles01 psedge ps135 psnode135 ansible dellclient dellnvme hec
lenovo-sr630 s8 l8s lenovo b143-l8seth0 t1 t2 sles4 sles3 sles2 sles medge
        :completion::complete:ssh:argument-1: !users

Strangely, zstyle shows the correct list of hostnames in hosts section but
those do not get used when I attempt completion by starting with 'ps' then
tab for example.
I get:

*jbenninghoff@jb-mbpro 1: ssh psnode4*
psnode40     psnode41     psnode42     psnode43
psnode44psnode40.ps  psnode41.ps  psnode42.ps  psnode43.ps

Which are hostnames in /etc/hosts but not in ~/.ssh/config.

When I check the ssh completion in effect right after I type ssh by using
^Xh, I see the below output:

*jbenninghoff@jb-mbpro 1: ssh*
tags in context :completion::complete:ssh::
    argument-1 options  (_arguments _ssh _ssh)
tags in context :completion::complete:ssh:argument-1:
    hosts users  (_ssh _ssh)
    hosts        (_hosts _combination _ssh_hosts _ssh _ssh)
    users        (_users _combination _ssh_users _ssh _ssh)

jbenninghoff@jb-mbpro 1: zsh --version
zsh 5.3 (x86_64-apple-darwin17.0)
jbenninghoff@jb-mbpro 1: type -a zsh
zsh is /bin/zsh


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