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Re: (some tips about variables) Re: avoid eval?

On 13/03/18 01:39 PM, Marc Chantreux wrote:

yes it can. another way to keep things very local is to use anonymous
functions so you can write in the middle of your script

     () {
         local user
         for user { print "hello $user" }
     } bob joe ted

More good advice, thanks Marc, I haven't used those yet.

wow .. don't overwrite an existing command, ever!

To be honest,  I never considered that there was an existing command, I see there is, but whatever it is, I never use it.  I'll pay attention to that now.

you can check the type of a variable using the (t) modifier.
     print ${(t)path}

Thanks, I forgot about that.

IFS is the field separator, $'\n' is the record separator so if you set
IFS to $'\n' you can't basically split nothing captured by read.

Ha!  Now I know the difference, I thought they were the same.  You open my eyes Marc.  More latter.

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